Discovering Your Gifts

Discovering Your Gifts

Theme: The Discovering Your Ministry or Gifts

Texts: (1 Peter 4:10) God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

(The Parable of the Spilled Coffee)

A Bible study group met in a home to study how various ministries should work in the body of Christ. One member commented, “I don’t understand how different gifts can work together”.COGOP

At that moment a woman accidentally dropped her cup, which broke and spilled coffee all over the floor. Each group member responded differently to the mishap, according to their spiritual gifts.

  • The teacher gave some advice. “Next time if you will put your cup on the coffee table, that won’t happen again”
  • The administrator responded by organizing a clean-up committee. “George, please go find a mop. Gabriela, could you help him with a towel?
  • George, who had the gift of service, hurried to get the mop
  • Gabriela, who had the gift of helps, followed George and said, “I’ll help you!”
  • The person with the gift of exhortation said, “We all make mistake so don’t let it get you down.”
  • The person with the gift of mercy put her arm around the woman, patted her hand and said, “I feel so badly for you”
  • The person with the gift of giving exclaimed, “I’ll buy a new set of coffee mugs to replace the broken one!”
  • They all used their various gifts together to resolve the situation 

By Kent Crockett