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  • It's All About His Grace

    Theme: Grace When Billy Graham was driving through a small southern town, he was stopped by a policeman and charged with speeding. Graham admitted his guilt, but was told by the officer that he would have to appear in court. The judge asked, “Guilty or not guilty?” When Billy Graham pleaded guilty, the judge replied, “That’ll be ten dollars a dollar for every mile you went over the limit.” Suddenly the judge recognized the famous evangelist minister.

  • Service/Servanthood / Missions part II

    This is part two of two of Bishop's Blog: Missions is a call to service  A missionary call; is it God’s will for you? God delights to call his children in unique and personal way  He doesn’t use a cookie-cutter template or a 10-step formula  Calling is not a status to wear  Responding to a call always requires doing  October is World Mission Drive it is a tradition within the Church of God of Prophecy  It has been said that Mission is in our DNA as a people - COGOP ...

  • Service/Servanthood / Missions part I

    This is part one of two of Bishop's Blog: Gladys Aylward (1902-1970) Missionary to China Gladys May Aylward born to working-class family became a maid at the age of 14. She went through life as a routine, she didn’t excel scholastically or set her apart based on her exhaustive knowledge of the Bible and the classic languages, but rather her life was marked with a willingness to serve. At an early age, she always had an ambition to go overseas as a missionary.