Prayer Matters

Prayer Matters

Theme: Prayer Matters

In a lifetime, the average American will spend:

  • six months sitting at stoplights 
  • eight months opening junk mail 
  • one year looking for misplaced objects 
  • two years unsuccessfully returning phone calls 
  • four years doing housework 
  • six years eating 
  • Survey of 6,000 people polled in 1988, U.S.
Survey of 6,000 people polled in 1988, U.S. News and World Report, January 30, 1989, p. 81

Wouldn’t we rather be able to tell God that we spent more time praying or reading the Bible than we did unsuccessfully returning phone calls or misplacing objects? How much time should we spend developing our Christian walk? Prayer matters! While some may be familiar with the concept of prayer, it may be a new thing for you or not. Prayer is our communication with God. Every Christians should acknowledge the importance of prayer, but many do not fully tap into its power. Prayer meetings are usually the least-attending meetings in the majority of churches. We need to understand that:

  • prayer equals power 
  • prayer changes things 

Prayer, much like Bible reading, is only effective when it is done on a regular basis. This month COGOP Riverside, will be praying for 21 days from Jan 4 through 25 from the 6pm to 7pm. We will praying for:
  • God provision 
  • For His direction 
  • For revival 
  • For our communities of Casa Blanca 
  • For souls, for Christ  

I invite you to come join us for a healthy diet of prayer for 21 days!